DELGO MINING adopted a vision of Zero Harm, created comprehensive Health, Safety and Sustainability frameworks. We diligently work to support our initiatives at all levels of the organization. Our efforts throughout 2011 continue to yield results as we maintain our focus on doing the right things to protect our people from harm.


Zero Harm is the vision that guides all operations and activities undertaken by DELGO MINING. It is our commitment to continually strive to reach the highest standards in human health and safety, minimize our impact on the environment, and work cooperatively with our host communities. Zero Harm is both a goal and a journey, and helps us to meet our commitments. We rely on partnerships with our employees and host communities.

DELGO MINING often brings high standards of operating safety, environmental responsibility and social sensitivity to areas without a prior history of modern mining or exploration.


At the highest level, our company is guided by our vision, Health, Safety and Sustainability policies, and ethics. The Health, Safety and Sustainability Frameworks provide guidance for the implementation of these policies. Additional strategies, handbooks, guidance notes, training programs and site level programs are available when further guidance is required.